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About us

WhereAndNow was formed in 2009 and gives honest, trusted reviews and suggestions on where to go, where to have fun,

where to eat and where to travel. It covers a range
of budgets and informs you about where you can go for a quick drink after work or
where you can take a stylish camping holiday at the weekend.
It’s all about inspiration on a realistic level; editorial that counts, pictures to inspire and
information that keeps you interested in visiting the locations we
We review a range of experiences with most of our restaurant reviews focusing on London.

We are an online magazine that can be
trusted. It’s like your best friend telling you to where to go. We have a team of writers and
freelancers with oodles of experience and plenty of enthusiasm.
Locations visited around the globe means we have a great readership that is building daily
and we have a great set of principles. The site was formed when one City based
businesswoman and one out of towner, who also happen to be great friends, realised that
the jobs they had meant they spent a lot of time having to visit bars and travel destinations
for work, all over the country and all over the world but wanted to know what to do when
they got there as well as wanting to know where to go in the first place. Plenty of hurdles
when you don’t know where to look.
They needed realistic inspiration for places to meet clients, for places to meet friends and
work colleagues, for trips that would be great for girly weekends, for places that would cater
for a boyfriend with a rock climbing addiction. We wanted one easy to navigate, well run
website with great editorial and some realistic inspiration. And we couldn’t find it. So we
created WhereAndNow.com
Our features have been put together with the reader in mind. What would we want to know
if we went there? We have top tips which give it to you in a nutshell and we keep it simple,
with a little panache of course.
When we are all time poor, it’s about quick inspiration. And we know what we are talking
about because we’ve already been there.
We know people are busy and don’t often want to cruise around websites, especially when
the internet is now heavily monitored at work. Our email newsletter aims to limit the time
readers spend scrabbling around on the internet. We give it to you in one quick hit. ‘where
should I meet my sister on Wednesday night?’, ‘what should I do with the girlfriend this
weekend?’ It’s in WhereAndNow’s weekly e newsletter.
We cover travel, theatre, bars, restaurants, clubs and entertainment and we know what we
are talking about and we give it to you straight.
We also make the effort to give the reader an added bonus. We’ll find you some exclusive
deals: 10% off here, a free bottle of bubbly there, an extra night at a stylish guesthouse on
the Cornish coast….we ask for you. Because if you don’t ask, you don’t get.
We have also been busy sourcing our large network of contacts for some A List prizes to
cater to our discerning readership.
If it's worth paying a visit, we’ll find out for you.


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