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Note to PRs: If you'd like to get your brand featured on Where & Now's site, contact Lorna or Natalie who will assign a review to a relevant freelancer if neither Lorna or Natalie can make it. 

Editorial Team:

Lorna Strickland-Cook, Co-Editor specialising in UK-based

Reviews, Events, Bars, Restaurants and Travel.


Natalie Weterings (nee Nevard), Co-Editor specialising in the UAE. Based in Dubai.

Reviews, Events, Bars, Restaurants and Travel.


Where And Now Freelance Contributors:

Leah Simpson (Los Angeles based)

Erica Jeffery (London based)

David Hart (London based)

Nicola Vangalis Stobbs (London based)

Janet Pinder (travel and restaurant reviews)

Hazel Nevard (travel and restaurant reviews)


Want to see your work in print? Contact Lorna in the first instance for editorial contributions.

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