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Sep 12

Benihana at The Grange Hotel, City

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For fans of Benihana (who have a few locations in London) you'll know what to expect but for a Benihana virgin like myself it was a new feast for the eyes and the senses.

This Benihana is in The Grange Hotel near St Pauls and on the night we went had a few tourists in who were staying at the hotel. The hotel and restaurant are tucked down a side road and not too easy to find but that just means it’s not rammed to the rafters. That kind of atmosphere is perfect for when you want to indulge your taste buds, chat about the food and other things with your dining companion and watch the live cooking demonstrations being carried out in front of you. 

We were sat at a mid sized communal table with a huge flat grill plate in front of us. The whole restaurant is made up like this. Everything you order is cooked up in front of you by a wonderful native Chef who brings his own trolley, equipment and chats with you while he cooks. 
We were sat with another family and we were ordering almost the same dishes. Chef cooked them up a storm while we nibbled on salted edamame beans and glugged chilled rose.
Our waiter talked us through how it works and we ordered fabulous sushi as a starter before chef arrived to cook up our mains.
He recommended a Seafood Palace and a Samurai Special and my dining companion and I opted to share our plates.
The Seafood Palace held miso soup, lobster, black cod, king prawns, scallops and salmon. Large pieces of fish were absolutely beautiful, soft and tender and the black cod was beyond expectations. I’ve yet to be let down by black cod and whenever I see it on a menu I dive right in. I could eat it until the cows come home but and although the portions at Benihana are gracious there’s just never enough black cod in my opinion.
The Samurai Special served with onion or miso soup but we chose miso again so we could each have our own bowl of this tasty soupy liquid, selected rib eye steak and king prawns. Again, the portions were wonderful and the meat and fish were both succulent and tasty.
Chef whipped it up super fast, presented it all in long elegant rows. He cleared up just as quickly and wheeled his trolley away while we indulged.
We chose some rice dishes to accompany and ate our merry way through our dishes. If you are in the city and have a few pounds to spare, I’d recommend it.
Bear in mind by the time you’ve racked up a few sushi dishes to start along with your mains and some wine the price can escalate. Our main courses were around £45 each. 
Written by Lorna Strickland-Cook
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