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Apr 7

Boisdale of Bishopsgate

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The thing I like about London most is all of the little alleyways that you think would have nothing down them or are just a dead end and when you finally decide to walk down them you find some amazing little bars and restaurants. Well this is exactly how you will find Boisdale of Bishopsgate.

So just how did I stumble across this fine establishment? Well I was out with an older gentleman that might have somewhat of a soft spot for me, who told me he was going to take me to his favourite place to drink in and that I would never have known it was there before hand. I had to admit I thought he might be taking to me a dirty bar on Bishopsgate to start with and unfortunately I knew of that place and had no intention of going, but then he grabbed my arm and swung me right down an alleyway.
OK, so right now none of this is ideal. I am down an alleyway, with a rather rampant older man, not a good situation to be in and I am wondering how many seconds it will take me to run to the police station if all goes wrong, when all of a sudden I see patio heaters and hanging baskets at the end of the alley way and a group of people coming out the bar. Phew all is well again, we have just come across a watering hole. 
I relax somewhat and realise that there is no need to call 999, but that I am in a dire need of a drink to get over the shock. So as I enter I realise that Boisdale is not just a bar is it more of a restaurant, with all the seating downstairs and the bar upstairs. But restaurants are some of my favourite places to drink these days, as they are not over crowded and you always have the option of ordering some good food to soak up the alcohol if need be.
We ordered a drink and hurled ourselves outside so my slightly older friend could indulge in a Cuban Classic cigar. And thank goodness there were stools and lots of heaters, as I managed to brave the cool nights air and spend a good few hours putting the world to rights and having a good drink in a nice bar where we were able to get served quickly by friendly bar staff. The bar closes at 11 however, so this is not a late night stop off, but great to get warmed up in.
Top Tip: Girls, this is the ultimate male hunting ground, there seems to be a high proportion of males here, so if you want some attention for the evening then this is the place for you.
Swedeland Court
202 Bishopsgate
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