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Aug 20

Brunch at Cinnamon in The Hilton Canary Wharf

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Brunch represents the juxtaposition of some of the best British and International fare that we have on offer. After a Sunday morning lie-in, I can think of few better options to satiate the ravenous effects of a Saturday night out and a great take on the traditional Sunday Roast.

As you can see, I had high hopes for my Sunday brunch at Cinnamon at the Hilton, Canary Wharf; an invitation that I embraced with the deserved enthusiasm.  After an early start followed by a couple of hours of DIY (granted this is not standard Sunday drill but in the interest of ensuring I was up to the challenge such measures became wholly necessary) I arrived at the restaurant which has only recently added Sunday brunch to their repertoire.  My expectations heightened further with the knowledge of some of the other excellent brunch options available in E14.

What you must understand about Cinnamon's brunch offering is the price.  At just twenty five pounds a head (yes 2-5 I kid you not) brunch just became in Canary Wharf exactly what it means to people in places like New York and Singapore...somewhere we can go, on a regular basis, with the family AND friends AND friends you do not even like that much, for a really top-notch selection of food.  We do "do brunch" in London but not with the same conviction as elsewhere and until now there has been little wonder why.
And so it began - hank marvin' as I was - my journey through Cinnamon's brunch offerings.  A complimentary Bellini, followed by an impressive spread of breakfast-type options ranging from croissants to eggs benedict, waffles and pancakes to muesli and fruit salad followed by cold meat options, salad and seafood.  Then onto a main course (selection from menu) and finally a desert buffet.  A real breakfast-lunch of CHAMPIONS!
Do not get me wrong, tis not the volume wot counts my friends, but the quality of the food that we were served.  The Bellini, garnished with the freshest, sweetest strawberry I have found this year in what has been misleadingly labelled our British Summer, followed by immaculately cooked eggs at the egg station (to order I must add) and accompanied by a wealth of treats including a fabulous Cumberland sausage and a range of artisan breads.  Also of particular noteworthiness, an epic main course of Sunday Roast (steak cooked to order) and a Yorkshire Pudding cooked as Yorkshires should be! Not a crispy dust-muffin an ACTUAL YORKSHIRE made from ACTUAL PROPER INGREDIENTS all gooey and yum (well, it was a Sunday) and some expertly cooked vegetables.  Finally I will urge you to have one of the little Eton Mess deserts.  Wait an hour until you've digested by all means...just don't leave without it!
The contemporary style restaurant on Marsh Wall (yes, one of the less glamorous locations in the Wharf) frequented by a combination of hotel guests and a number of locals.  Our hosts were extremely attentive and with unwavering commitment, kept our drinks topped up at all times. 
Great British food, great price, enjoy! 
Written By Christine Gray
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