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Mar 1

Chop Chop Restaurant, Edinburgh

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I was very surprised by this great restaurant and that does not happen often. Both the name, appearance and interior design do not give it credit to the magic the chef is doing in the kitchen.

My wife was born and lived most of her life in Hong Kong which has its own style of Chinese food and in the city there is a good representation of the many different cuisines that you find in China. Since moving to Scotland a few years ago its not common to find a restaurant that gives you authentic Chinese dishes, so to see her in Edinburgh enjoying dish after dish of the scrumptious food was a nice surprise.  

The service was excellent, even though the restaurant was busy on a Tuesday night in January the trade’s quietest month of the year. The staff were proud of the dishes and happy to explain the origin and how they were prepared.

The menu was intelligently designed, simple but with variety. For example, they had one type of dumpling that could be served eight different ways! We tried the Vegetable Dumplings followed by the Green Beans with chilli and then some Fried Fishballs. Every dish was fresh, authentic and delicious, even the fish balls were made by the chef.

My 18 month old son really enjoyed the Vegetable Fried Egg Noodles which was great as it meant we could enjoy our meal in relative tranquillity. The thick noodles and crunchy vegetables had the right amount of coriander and garlic.  

I tried a Crispy Chicken dish from Northern China and again the chef did an excellent job of combining the soy, vinegar and sugar dressing.  

After such a great feast and sipping lots of lemon tea we were going to call it a day until the manageress persuaded us to try some Sugar String Pancake and Sugar String Apple. Normally I would reach for the insulin at the thought of such a dish but my wife was very curious and ordered both. As soon as we tried one of them we could not help ourselves but to continue they were hot, crunchy and you dipped them into cold water to make the outside glazed… wow fun and an explosion of taste, I would strongly recommend them.

Chop Chop has won many many awards and its truly unique to find such a great simple restaurant that offers good value and authentic food, we can’t wait until they open in Glasgow.

Chop Chop Haymarket, 248 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8DT


Written by Gurjit Singh Lalli

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