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Apr 23

Freggo, 27-29 Swallow Street

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Ever wondered why ice cream doesn't feature more often in our daily lives? Think it's about time we got a bit more creative in our approach to our favourite frozen confectionary? Well, you're not alone; this chic little parlour certainly thinks so.

Freggo is a chain that originates from Argentina, where the hot and humid climate accentuates the need for ice cream all year round. It might seem a bit of a tricky concept to us English, but in the Southern Hemisphere and South America particularly, ice cream parlours serve as a hotbed of social activity. So, with the summer months fast approaching what sets Freggo apart from any other ice cream parlour you’ll find in your nearest seaside town? 
For starters the ice cream at Freggo consists only of natural ingredients and as a result it allegedly contains nearly half the amount of calories than the ice cream you’ll find in the supermarket. What’s more, Freggo only use selected Argentinean cows to source their milk, meaning that they’re able to control the conditions in which they are milked. Only ‘happy’ cows are chosen to contribute to the crème de la crème of Freggo’s main business venture; ice cream.   
Freggo in Swallow Street has been open for nearly a year and remains the only place in the UK where locals can catch these quirky Argentinean delights.  Opening hours are geared toward the clubbing market with doors staying open until as late as 12am at the weekends and 10pm in the weekday. Lodged between its sister venue, Gaucho and the urbane Cuckoo Club, Freggo is a fantastic spot to indulge in some stylish after-hours treats. So ditch the chicken burger and grab yourself a sorbet!
Take a seat on the plush lilac sofas and don’t be afraid to request a sample of something if you suddenly feel the urge to experience the vast scope of Freggo’s weird and wonderful creations, the staff here are very enthusiastic and more than happy to help you in your quest for the right scoop. However, eccentricities and dedicated service aside, there must be as many luscious flavours on offer at this parlour as there are colours in the rainbow. 
Nevertheless, any avid lover of ice cream should definitely indulge themselves in the Freggo, dulces de leche signature scoops. After much experimentation I found the best combination of flavours to be dulces de leche and banana split. I also had a weakness for the malbec and berries which can hold its own as a single serving. Failing that, if ice cream isn’t really your thing then there’s a good selection of pancakes, soups, sandwiches and frittatas up for grabs. 
If Roald Dahl’s fictional character Willy Wonker was ever to branch out into the world of ice cream I could somehow imagine the outcome to be along the lines of Freggo. Everything is far from ordinary, for instance instead of adding sugar the ‘Freggo Expresso’ sports a lump of delectable ice cream at the bottom, the hot chocolate is fully bonafide melted chocolate with a little hint of cinnamon topped off with teardrops of meringue and the cakes in the glass counters are intriguing to say the least. Freggo in a nutshell? Expect the unexpected.    
Above: There's A Variety Of Specialist Scoops @ Freggo
Top Tip: Freggo now operate a local delivery service, so if you’re watching a film with your partner or just don’t fancy leaving the house it’s now possible to order anything from the menu to your doorstep. Ring 020 7287 9506 to order. 
27-29 Swallow Street,
London, W1B 4QR 

Written by Seb King . Follow Seb's blog here. 

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