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Mar 14

SUDA Thai Cafe and Restaurant, Covent Garden

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If like me you have a passion for travelling and finding authentic cuisines on the way, then you have to go down to SUDA Thai to try the cleanest, freshest Thai food in central London.

As we walked down St Martin's courtyard, we were wondering what was in store for us, as my partner and I are lovers of Asian food, but rarely ever find anywhere serving food as good as when we are in the East. So we were ready to put SUDA Thai through its paces.

The building itself is huge and imposing, with a shiny black exterior that means you can't help but notice it as you walk by, and as you walk through the doors the black sleek theme is carried through the restaurant. The wooden tables are set out in a canteen style with a few on their own if you desire a little more privacy. However, their style means that the restaurant is perfectly placed to handle large groups.

As we sat down at our table we were presented with a menu, that seemed to have too many sections to it, but after a brief explanation from the waiter we were armed with the best way to order from the menu and off we went. To start we had the Satay Gai, which for those of you who aren't fluent in Thai then that will be the Chicken Satay, along with the friend Squid. Not bold choices you might say, but I think sometimes the most simple dishes are the ones that tell you most about a restaurant.....and these starters told us a lot!!

The chicken was so tender it just fell off of the stick and the peanut sauce was rich rather than runny.....delicious. BUT the star of the whole evening for me was the Squid. However, much I love it and always order it, it can always be a little on the chewy side....however, this Squid dish was divine. As I took a bite of the squid it's silky smooth texture tantalised my taste buds and required a minimal amount of chewing....the flavours from the spices were so apparent and to be honest we would have been more than happy to just eat this dish all night long.

But that wouldn't be fair, so after a delicious cocktail it was time for our mains to arrive, Gaeng Massaman Gai and Yum Nua Yang, being the Thai Massaman Curry and the Beef Salad. Well the salad was so clean and fresh with herbs that it was perfectly placed between starters and the Massaman curry, which was rich full in flavour and perfectly balanced with some jasmine rice.

Well done to SUDA’s creators,   Khun Pravesvudhi and Khun Kessuda Raiva Suda, as in my opinion SUDA Thai restaurant is one of the best and I shall definitely be going back again soon, even if it is just for the Squid.

Top Tip.....fill on starters and main course as Thai desserts really are not that appealing and unfortunately SUDA's were not an exception to the rule. 

23 Slingsby Place  City of London, Greater London WC2E 9AB


Written by Natalie Nevard

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