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Oct 11

Celebrity Travel: Fagun Thakrar

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The Blood and Curry actress and glamorous model Fagun Thakrar speaks to Seb King about her favourite place in India to travel and her opinion on arranged marriages.

Q: Where have you been abroad this year?

I’ve spent the festive period in Australia. Melbourne for Christmas and Sydney for New Years Eve. You think of Australia and you imagine it to be very hot, but when I visited I actually found it quite chilly. I saw the best fireworks display I’ve ever seen in my life on Coogee Beach (Sydney) at midnight on New Year ’s Eve and it was honestly out of this world. I get to see bits and bobs of Europe for work. This year I’ve been to Cannes, Monaco, Rome and Mumbai and Kerala in India. 

Q:  So I guess you’re quite a prolific traveller. But if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? 
Fiji. I travelled an incredible amount when I was a child and this would be one of the places I am yet to visit. When you go on family holidays as a child you’re very limited by your memory. A lot of my earliest memories of holidays are vague and this is the reason why I feel the need to get out there and rediscover these places now I’m older. 
Q: Fair enough. What would you consider to be the worst thing that’s ever happened to you on your travels? 
When I travelled to Bali I fell ill. I don’t remember anything about my journey out there. I was only in the country for five days but I didn’t get to see anything! 
Q: Apart from toiletries, what can you not travel without? Why?
I love reading on my laptop, especially when I’m on the plane, so I suppose that would be my one gadget I couldn’t do without. I much prefer reading from a screen than reading from a book. 
Q: Do you try to eat the local food when you travel or do you revert to home comforts? 
Oh I love eating the local food, although in India you just can’t eat anything from the street stalls, you’ve got to be careful. I’m a huge foodie and so I’ve always been interested in expanding my knowledge of foods in other cultures. 
Q: What would you say is your favourite food? 
Indian, Italian and Japanese. I love sushi, I just can’t get enough of it. 
Q: You must’ve worked with many interesting personalities, who would you say was the most eccentric of the bunch? 
Oh definitely Martin Sheen. He’s very knowledgeable about India and Indian culture but he also brought a lot to his fellow actors. For me, Martin Sheen is the perfect gentlemen.    
Q: How do you find the transition from Bollywood to Hollywood? Is it tricky to adjust? 
I started off performing in the theatre. I haven’t really featured in that many Bollywood films so for me, if am to get involved in a Bollywood production it has to be the right project at the right time. 
Q: In Blood and Curry you play the lead role of a venerable Indian woman named Deepa . The film revolves around an arranged marriage gone wrong. I wonder, what's your opinion on arranged marriages?
It depends. Arranged marriages came in many different forms. If the couple only meet on their wedding day and aren’t introduced to each other well in advance then that’s not really for me. A lot of marriage are ‘arranged’, not just in Indian cultures but in Europe too. People tend to plan their weddings with their partners well in advance, so in this aspect ‘arranged marriages’ are quite popular I suppose. It’s strange because Deepa’s marriage in Blood and Curry is an old school Indian marriage, so it’s all pre-arranged and she is sent to America to marry a man she doesn’t really know. 
Q: What do you find to be the hardest aspect of being an actor? Is it for instance dealing with the press, getting into character or remembering who you are after a hard day trying to be someone else? 
No I love the escape of being someone else. I love being a different person because you can experiment, and be different people. I think to be an actor you have to be a mentally balanced person. There’s got to be a healthy divide between your job as a performer and who you are in real life. 
Q: How would you describe Rekha’s character in A Prayer For Rain? 
Not to give too much away, but Rekha’s world falls apart when her husband dies in the horrific gas leak in Bhopal. She becomes quite reclusive, quite drawn into herself.  Apparently, I was picked for the role because I reminded Ravi Kumar (The director) of Steve McCurry's famous photograph of the Afghan Girl with green eyes. Rekha is used as an icon throughout the film. 
Check out the trailer to Blood and Curry here
Fagun Thakrar was speaking to Seb King
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