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Feb 21

Hotel Atmospheres, Paris

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To me Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I never tire of going back, even after numerous visits I always get caught up in the charm, romance and beauty of this old historic city. I have always stayed in the north of the city on previous visits, but this time I decided it was time for a change, so I crossed the river near Notre Dame and downed my bags in the boutique designer, Hotel Atmospheres.

Hotel Atmospheres is a rather unique little hotel and is the first hotel-gallery in Paris. One might wonder, what is a gallery hotel? Well it is quite simply a hotel that also acts as an art gallery for photographer. Hotel Atmospheres asked  the photographer Thierry des Ouches (www.thierrydesouches.fr/ ) to take pictures of Paris, that would translate his personal view of the city and now have the photographs proudly hanging in light boxes all through the lobby and restaurant of the hotel.

I have to admit to not really being a great enthusiast of photography exhibitions, but Thierry des Ouches really does capture some fascinating images of Paris, which have been displayed in a very modern fashion. Vincent Bastle the architect and decorator who was in charge of remodeling the building and defining the themes of the room, chose to decline all the details and sensitive atmospheres he could feel in Thierry des Ouches pictures.

Hotel Atmospheres is in a great location, still being right in the heart of Paris, but allows you to see a slightly different side of Paris being not that of the tourist but that of a Parisian, as La Galeries Lafayette is not on your doorstep, but instead local butchers and green grocers who are situated amongst little boutiques in quaint back streets. This is the Paris that I had never experienced before but which I truly feel in love with.

The hotel itself is located on Rue des Écoles which has a very understated entrance but once inside you are drawn to the exposed brick work walls and Thierry's photographs. We went up to our room, which although was compact for a suite, my eyes were drawn every which was as the decoration was like nothing else I had seen before. We first of all entered into a pink room, with a very pink sofa in it, then walked through a small corridor where a love heart toilet and a bathroom were placed, then into our lime green bedroom. Being a rather big fan of pink I was delighted by the room choice, although I am not so sure my husband was a thrilled to be showered in such pinkness. The bed was very comfortable and we had all of the things that one expects from a good room, with free wifi a desk and a Nespresso Machine ready to go.

The restaurant downstairs is only open for breakfast where a buffet continental breakfast is served every morning, which was throughly delicious and not having the restaurant open in the evenings means that you can't be lazy and just go downstairs for dinner you have to go and explore Paris and revel it all of it's culinary delights.

We throughly enjoyed our stay at Hotel Atmospheres and will be checking in again on our next trip to Paris. 

Top Tip: The hotel has a winter offer on at the moment, so if you want to get rooms with up to 50% discount then don't delay in booking.


Written by Natalie Weterings


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